Brentwood Home Mattress Review, Feather Softness of Bamboo

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Aug 23


So you want to know more about the Brentwood Home mattresses? First things first. The Brentwood Home mattresses have 4 different types of mattresses which include the memory foam, latex, spring and classic. For in this Brentwood Home mattress review, I am only going to focus on the Classic which is also the original collection of bamboo gel.

In this review, I am going to make it super easy for you to choose the ideal mattress for yourself.

What makes the Classic so unique?

The Classic range was the very first mattress range that Brentwood Home started and it was also this range that got them where they are today. The uniqueness comes from the bamboo zipper cover and also the natural wool layer below this cover.

As you have guessed it, the bamboo cover is 100% natural which makes it great for people that have allergies (if you are allergic to bamboo, then that is a different story). The cover is removable, replaceable and also cleanable.

Just below the cover, you will find a layer of wool that helps to absorb moisture and contribute to the airflow. Not many mattresses have a layer of wool under the cover.

Let us get started with the different types of mattresses it has to offer:

Bamboo Gel 9 – Firm Feel

Sleeper type: Back and Stomach
Where to buy: Amazon
Type: Firm
Nights risk-free: 120 days

The technical side of things

  1. Bamboo zipper cover
  2. Natural wool layer
  3. The 2-inch gel memory foam layer. This layer helps the mattress to cool down. How it works is that the gel absorbs some of the heat which makes the mattress cooler. It also contributes to the comfort.
  4. The 7-inch therapeutic support base. Because the layers of the mattress are mostly memory foam, there needs to be a layer that will give the mattress support. This layer is thick touch and very durable.
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For who is the Bamboo Gel 9?

The Bamboo Gel 9 is for people that like to sleep on their stomach or back. For these types of sleepers, it is best to have a firm mattress because the weight of the body will be distributed evenly throughout the whole body with almost no pressure points.

Bamboo Gel 10 – Plush Feel

Sleeper type: Mixed Sleepers
Where to buy: Amazon
Type: Plush
Nights risk-free: 120 days

The technical side of things

  1. Bamboo zipper cover
  2. Natural wool layer
  3. The 2.5-inch gel memory foam layer. This layer helps in the cooling down process of where the gel absorbs most of the heat. This layer also helps with the comfort of the mattress. You will notice that it is 0.5 inches thicker than that of the Bamboo Gel 9.
  4. The 2.5-inch memory foam layer. This layer mainly helps to give the mattress a softer feel than the Bamboo gel 9 and it also helps with pressure relieve.
  5. The 5-inch therapeutic support base. This is going to be the foundation of the mattress that will enhance its durability for years to come.
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For who is the Bamboo Gel 10?

This mattress is preferable for the mixed sleeper. Mixed sleepers are those that do not have a dominant sleeping position. This mattress is not too soft for the back or stomach and is not too hard for the side.

Bamboo Gel 13 – Medium/soft Feel

Sleeper type: Side Sleepers
Where to buy: Amazon
Type: Medium/soft
Nights risk-free: 120 days

The technical side of things

  1. Bamboo zipper cover
  2. Natural wool layer
  3. The 3.5-inch gel memory foam layer. As you can see, this layer is 1.5 inches thicker than the Bamboo Gel 10. This is to make the mattress a bit softer. It helps with the cooling down process and support.
  4. The 2-inch ventilated airflow layer. The Bamboo Gel 9 also does not have this extra layer. The reason for this extra layer is to promote softness and also airflow. This layer is important because the mattress is a bit thicker which makes it harder for the air to flow throughout the mattress.
  5. The 7.5-inch therapeutic support base. This base helps with support and to give the mattress some durability.

For who is the Bamboo Gel 13?

This mattress is going to work best for sleepers that like to sleep on their side. This mattress has thicker layers of gel memory foam and also airflow foam which makes it softer. The problem is that side sleepers have 2 pressure points namely the shoulders and hips.

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Most of the pressure will go to these areas and if a mattress is softer, the pressure will spread more to the stomach area and legs which put less pressure on these 2 areas. It will also help the spine to be more aligned.

Warranty and Free trial

This mattress is going to have a 120-day risk free trial dependent on the vendor and it will also have a 25-year limited warranty.

How to assemble the Brentwood mattress

Assembling the mattress is very easy. First, you need to take it out of the box, then you need to take off the outer layer of plastic. Then you need to open up the mattress so that the top side is facing the roof.

Just ignore the handsome pooch at 3:45 timeframe 😉

Once the mattress is in place, you can cut the plastic open and watch it grow. Give the mattress about 48 hours to take its complete form. I have also written other articles such as the Lull mattress review and Novosbed mattress review where I also explain the process of unpacking these mattresses.

What I liked

  1. It gets shipped in a box. Yup, you heard right. The mattress will be compressed, vacuum packed and then rolled up so that it consumes less space.
  2. Not a confusingly large range. I know from experience that it can be very hard to choose the right mattress especially if there are 100’s to choose from. With Brentwood, you have 1 mattress for side, mixed and back sleepers.
  3. Not that expensive. The twin size which is the smallest mattress starts below $300. It is very competitive against other brand and is one of the cheapest that I have reviewed thus far.

What I did not like

I really liked the mattresses that came from this company and found it very hard to come up with anything that I did not like about them.


Overall, I think that this is a great mattress. Most people will have a good night’s sleep with this mattress and I think that Brentwood, nailed it. Do you have any experience with the Brentwood mattress? Please leave me a comment below and share your experience with us 🙂

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