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By Viljoen | Bedding Products

Aug 16

Product: Brooklyn Mattress
Rating: 93/100
Where to buy: Amazon
Type: Firm/Medium/Soft
Shipping weight: 26kg or 54.4 pounds
Sleeper type: Back/Stomach/Mixed/Side

Have you ever had the experience when trying to choose a mattress, that it gets harder to find the right one for you or your partner? Luckily for you, I am going to delve into the Brooklyn mattress so that you don’t have to.

If you are ready, then let’s get started with this Brooklyn bedding mattress review. Inside this review, I am going to uncover the layers of this mattress and I am also going to give a bit of background on the types of sleepers who can benefit from this mattress.

Brooklyn has 4 different products that they sell and it includes the following:

  1. Mattress
  2. Pillow
  3. Sheets
  4. Foundation

But for this review, I am only going to delve into the mattress.

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The 4 layers of the Brooklyn

The Brooklyn mattress has 4 layers that are situated upon each other where each one has a specific function or role that will make it the most comfortable it can be.

brooklyn layers (1)

1. High-density poly foam

This foam layer is 6 inches thick and the main role that it has is to last and resist sagging for any weight range. This makes the mattress very durable.

2. Dunlop Latex

The Dunlop latex is 2 inches thick and is just above the poly foam. This layer acts as a transition between the comfort and core layer. This will also prevent the bottom-out feeling.

3. Cool and Responsive Talalay Latex

This layer is also 2 inches thick and is just above the Dunlop Latex. This layer helps to cool the body and to contour to the shape of the body for comfort and support.

4. Quilted cotton cover

This cover provides a cool feeling to the sleeper and also allows the cover to “breathe”. It is also made in the USA.

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Suitable for 3 sleeping types

The great news is that this mattress has 3 firmness levels that work great with the 3 main sleeping types. The 3 main sleeping types are stomach/back, side and mixed sleeping type. I will discuss each one of them below:

1. Stomach/Back sleeping type


For people that are primarily Stomach and back sleeper types need a firm to very firm type mattress. The reason for this is that the spine needs to be aligned in a straight position.

2. Mixed sleeper


This type of sleeper does not have a dominant sleeping type which means that they sleep on their side, back and stomach where no position is more favourable than the other. For this type of sleeper, the type medium mattress is the best.

3. Side sleeper


This type of sleeper primarily sleeps on the side. Because the hips and shoulders need to sink in a bit more into the mattress, it is advised that they get a soft mattress so that the hips and shoulders can sink in a bit. If the mattress is too firm and the hips and shoulders do not sink in enough, then the spine will not be aligned.

The warranty and 120 night trial period

There is a 10-year warranty on this product that covers any bodily impressions and defects on the mattress. Also keep in mind that the defect needs to be more than 1 inch.

The 120-night trial works as follows. If you bought the mattress and you are not impressed with the mattress, then you can order a 100% refund and the company will pick it up.

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How to unbox and assemble the mattress

First of all, the mattress will be compressed and vacuum packed to make it less bulky. You will get the mattress in a box in a rolled up position. You can then unroll the mattress and then open the plastic cover. Just make sure that you do not cut the mattress when trying to remove the plastic.

You should also give your mattress at least 2-3 weeks for the adjustment period. Give the mattress an hour or 2 some time and watch it grow 🙂

What I liked

  1. Vacuum packed. I really liked this feature because it makes it easy to transport the mattress. The days of needing two people just to move the mattress are gone. The mattress will also weigh from 58 to 120 pounds depending on the size that you have ordered.
  2. They have 3 firmness levels. I really like this feature because I have seen other mattresses such as the Eve mattress and Leesa mattress that only has one mattress to offer. The 3 firmness levels are Firm, Medium and Soft.
  3. They have a 120 night trial period. This is great because now you have 4 months to test the mattress. If you feel that the mattress is not for you then you can easily refund it.

What I did not liked

I really had a hard time to think of anything that I did not like about this mattress. If I had to name one thing, then that would be the visual aspect of the mattress. The sides of the mattress really stood out for me, but hey, once you put on your linen, then it really does not matter how the mattress really look like.

You should also keep in mind that my personal taste in “looks” will not be the same as yours.

For who is the Brooklyn Bedding mattress?

If you are someone tired of an innerspring mattress and you want to try out a latex type foam mattress, then this is for you. Just make sure that you know your sleeping type and that you choose the right firmness to fit your sleeping type.

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Please leave me a comment below if you haver any questions 🙂

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