Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine Model ASM1002 Review-A Very Popular Choice

By Viljoen | White Noise Machines

Oct 25

The Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine model ASM1002 has really proven itself over the years as a good quality product. It has some great features that distinguish it from other products. It has all natural sounds that were recorded to take your mind to a restful and calm state before you can dose off to sleep. The purpose of white noise is to mask or block any external noises that can interfere with your sleep.

Product: Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine Model ASM1002

Supplier: Amazon

Product size: 4.5 by 6.3 by 5.5 inches and weighs 2 pounds.

Guarantee: 1-year parts and service guarantee with a 30-day refund privilege.

Rating: 8.8/10

Product Description

This product is manufactured by SOUND+SLEEP and comes with 10 natural sounds which include train, city, rainfall( Which is my favourite by the way), brook, meditation, white noise, waterfall, fireplace, ocean, and meadow. It also has 3 richness setting where you can customize the sounds. This product also uses patented sound technology which listens and adapts to the background sound which for me is very cool by the way :).

It also has huge speakers that face upwards that can fill the whole room with the sounds that you want. Display lights can also be turned on or off and also has a timer which causes the noise to turn off gradually in increments of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. This product also comes with a power adapter and an instructions manual.

The good

  • Firstly it is the sound adaption feature which listens to the sounds in the background and automatically changes to ensure sleep with no disruptions.
  • The Huge speaker that faces upwards. I like this because the noise is not blown into your face and with this, it fills the whole room with the natural sounds of your choice.
  • What is strange enough though is that it is not really that expensive. So far for all my reviews this machine is the only machine that changes automatically according to the background. No wonder it is very popular.
  • You can also turn the display lights off.

The Bad

  • The main thing that doesn’t like of most sound machines is the limited amount of sounds that you can listen to. This machine only has 9 sounds that you can listen to.
  • I could not find any port where you can insert earphones.

Final Conclusion

I think the main feature that makes this product unique, is the patented sound adaptive technology that automatically changes. It has some great features and is something that I can really recommend. The final rating that I am going to give this product is an 8.8 out of 10 . When I looked at the price, I was surprised to see that Amazon did not make it a bit more expensive, so I think it is a bargain. 

You can visit Amazon directly if you want to read further or if you want to see the broader range of products, you can visit my best white noise machine reviews. Thanks for visiting Insomnia Hacker and please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions. 

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Regina Walters October 29, 2014

Cool machine for people that have trouble falling asleep. My issue is staying asleep. It seems very relaxing, makes you look forward to bedtime.

    Viljoen October 29, 2014

    Thanks Regina. I listen to the rain every night and it really helps me sleep.

Carla Ives October 28, 2014

Excellent review! I have actually looked at different types of these machines as I have a sleep disorder. I need something with authentic ocean sounds or rainfall, preferably. I will take a closer look at this one. Thanks for the very complete information here.

    Viljoen November 7, 2014

    Thanks allot Carla.

    This machine was the best one I could find with the right price.

Andreas S October 28, 2014

Wow cool machine. Never heard about a Sound Sleeping device before so I’ve learned something today. Now I really want one of those. Glad I found your website.

    Viljoen October 29, 2014

    Thanks Andreas. This specific machine is a very nice one and the sound adaptation feature is my favourite.

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