Novosbed Mattress Review, Read This Before You Buy!

By Viljoen | Bedding Products

Aug 17

Product: Novosbed Mattress
Rating: 85/100
Where to buy: Amazon
Type: Firm/Medium/Soft
Shipping weight: 52 to 110 pounds
Sleeper type: Back/Stomach/Mixed/Side

First things first. Today I am going to try my best to give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision on whether you want to buy the Novosbed mattress. Here is a quick summary for what you will be getting inside this Novosbed mattress review.

I am going to explain the different layers inside the mattress, the sleeping types associated with each firmness level, the warranty, how to assemble the mattress, pros & cons and finally whether this mattress is for you or not.

Let us start with the different layers:

The 3 layers of the Novosbed

The mattress has 3 different layers where each one has a specific role or function.

1. Premium Support Foam (7 inches)novosbed layers (1)

The premium support foam is 7 inches thick and is the foundation of the mattress. This part helps the mattress to have endurance and to keep its shape.

2. Ultra-dense Memory Foam (2 inches)

This part helps with the mattress to contour to your body which will give additional support and comfort. It also gives the mattress a slight bounce.

3. Ultra-dense Airflow Memory Foam (2 inches)

Because this part is going to be the second closest to the body, it needs to have “cooling down” properties where it allows the hot air to escape the mattress at a faster rate.

4. Ultra-Soft Cover

This is going to be the mattress cover in which you will be sleeping. It does not form part of the layers in the mattress but I think that it is worth mentioning. This layer is very soft and stretchable and there will be no need to use sheets. It can also be removed on a regular basis to wash the cover.

Fit for 3 sleeping types

As we all know, most people fit into 3 basic sleeping types. Each sleeping type or sleeping position has a specific mattress that will work best for it.

1. Type Firm for Stomach and Back sleepers

Dominant stomach and back sleepers need a very firm mattress where the body will not sink in too much into the mattress. It is very important that the spine needs to be aligned for a healthy and comfortable sleep.

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2. Type Medium for Mixed sleepers

Personally, I fall into this category because I do not have a dominant sleeping position. If you like to sleep on your back, stomach and side, then this type of mattress is for you.

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3. Type Soft for Side sleepers

If your dominant sleeping position is on your side, then you need a softer mattress. Remember that your hips and shoulders will receive the most pressure and this is why they need to sink in deeper into the mattress. Most people that struggle with their back are side sleepers that sleep on a firm mattress. It is so important once again for the spine to be aligned.

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Unpacking the Novosbed

The great thing about these memory foam mattresses is that it will be vacuum-packed and then rolled up for you with plastic from the factory. This allows the mattress not to take up so much space when transporting.

Firstly you need to remove the plastic cover of the rolled up mattress. Open up the mattress so that the cover is facing the roof. Once the mattress is open and in place, you can cut open the vacuum packed plastic. Just remember not to cut the mattress as this tend to happen sometimes.

Warranty and risk-free trial

You need to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days because this is going to be the transition period. You will also receive a 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial which is great. So you have about 4 months to “test” the mattress and if it is not for you, then you can return it for a refund.


  1. Mattress is not bulky. Because the mattress comes vacuum packed and is placed inside a box, it will be transported easier than other more traditional mattresses.
  2. Easily unzip the cover. Most people like to sleep on a sheet, but the cover on this mattress will have small little cushions and it is preferred to sleep on the cover alone. Most mattresses do not make this possible because it is almost impossible to remove the cover.
  3. Has 3 firmness levels. Novosbed has the type firm, medium and soft which makes it great for almost anyone to sleep on.


  1. Is more expensive. Other reviews such as Brooklyn bedding review and the Leesa mattress review the mattresses are $450 for the twin size mattress, while this mattress is $799 for the size twin. That is almost $350 more expensive. Other than that, I could not find more cons to this mattress.

For who is the Novosbed mattress?

If you are someone that likes a cool memory foam mattress, then you might want to look into the Novosbed mattress. Just remember to choose the right type of mattress fitted for your sleeping type.

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It does not stop there

Let’s say you buy the firm mattress because you are a back & stomach sleeper and you find that the mattress is too firm for you. What you can then do is to order an extra layer of softer foam that you can put on the mattress to make it softer.

The same goes for someone that bought a soft mattress and realized that the mattress was a bit too soft. The best part is that the extra layer of foam that you can order is for FREE. It is very rare to see mattress companies willing to give an extra layer for free.

All you need to do is to unzip the cover of the mattress and then put the extra layer of foam on top. Once the layer is on, then you will have a softer or firmer mattress.

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