The Eve Mattress Review, Does One Size Really Fit All?

By Viljoen | Bedding Products

Aug 15

Product: Eve mattress
Where to buy: Amazon
Rating: 85/100
Type: Firm/Medium
Max person weight: 114kg
Sleeper type: Back/Stomach/Mixed

Did you know that there is only one type of mattress that the Eve Mattress company has to offer? Yes, you heard right, they only have one mattress. It can also be called the all in one mattress that is perfect for almost everyone.

At first, I found it somewhat too good to be true, because every person is different. Sleepers do not weigh the same, nor do they sleep the same. Inside this Eve Mattress Review, I am going to do my best to find out if this mattress is really what it claims to be.

First things first. Let’s see what this mattress is made off to better understand the mechanics of how this mattress works.

The 4 layers of the Eve Mattress

1. High-density base foundation

The base of this mattress consists of a high-density foam. The reason for giving the foundation of the mattress a high density is to give more support and bounce to the mattress.

eve mattress composition (1)

2. Breathable cooling layer

This is going to be the mid layer of the mattress that enables airflow. When airflow occurs, it gives the mattress the ability to cool down because the air movement will allow for the warm air to escape. It also has a small bouncing effect.

3. Top layer of contouring memory foam

Most traditional memory foam mattresses will give you that “stuck” feeling. This mattress will allow you to bounce a bit which will eliminate that stuck feeling. It is also designed to contour your whole body while you sleep.

4. Plush fabric cover

This is a 2 way knitted polyester that was hand sewn in the UK. It is also hypoallergenic which means that you will not have any allergic reaction to this cover.

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How firm is the mattress?

The Eve is classified as a type medium firm mattress which means that it is between a 3 and 6 when it comes to the comfort rating. The rating of 1 means very firm and 10 means very soft to a scale from 1 to 10.

Remember this:

Spring mattresses are usually firmer than 100% memory foam mattresses which mean that memory foam mattresses are softer than spring or pocketed coil mattresses overall. This can make it very hard to get the real comfort rating because you cannot rate a spring mattress the same as a mattress that consists 100% out of memory foam.

The contouring memory foam makes it possible for every type of sleeper to have a good night’s sleep. My only concern is that the contouring memory foam that makes this possible is not that thick.

What makes the Eve so different?

There is not anything unique about the concept of layers in this mattress because many other brands such as the Sleep Innovations also has the concept of layers.

What really makes this mattress so unique is because of the new type of memory foam that they use inside of their mattress. The memory foam that is inside of the Eve makes it more bouncy than other memory foams that I am used to.

This means that the new advanced memory foam is much more responsive that your traditional memory foam types.

How to unpack the Eve

First of all, the Eve will come inside of a box. The size of the box will vary greatly because of the different sizes available.

The mattress will be vacuum packed and rolled up to decrease the space available for transport. The mattress also needs to be “marinated” which means that you need to give it some time to regain its firmness.

This mattress can also be used on any bed frame. It is also optional to turn the mattress

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  1. Bouncy memory foam. This is by far the biggest benefit that I came across as most memory foam mattresses have a very solid feel to it.
  2. Easily transportable. Because the vacuum packed mattress comes in a box, you will not have a hard time carrying the mattress.
  3. Non-Allergic. The polyester cover on the mattress makes it very hard for dust mites to survive on the mattress which almost eliminates all allergies.


I could only find one negative and that is that there is only one type of mattress available in this series. They could have at least made 3 mattresses that could be firm, medium and very soft. This will make it possible for almost every type of sleeper to find the ideal mattress for them.

For who is the Eve Mattress?

Because it is firm to medium in texture, it is best for back, stomach and all around sleepers that do not have a preferred sleeping type. For dominant side sleepers above 114kg, this can become a problem because a very soft mattress is required for them.

Keep this in mind

The weight and body type of the sleeper also has a role to play. The eve is suitable for people weighing up to 18 stone or 114kg and for a couple a combined weight of 38 stone or 228kg.

If you are below 114 kg, a back, stomach or all round sleeper, then this mattress is for you. You can take a chance if you are a side sleeper because you will also have a 100-day return policy.

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If the mattress is not for you, then you can easily return it.

What is your take?

Did you buy the mattress? Do you have any experience with this mattress? Please leave me a comment below as I would love to hear from you 🙂

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