The Sound Oasis Travel Sound Therapy System-Good For When You Are On The Road

By Viljoen | White Noise Machines

Oct 22

The sound oasis travel sound therapy system is a great product for when you are away from home and cannot live without your white noise machine. Whether you are on vacation, away for work or camping out somewhere (maybe you won’t need it with all those real natural noises) you might appreciate this “travel friendly” white noise machine.

Product: Sound Oasis Travel Sound Therapy System

Supplier: Amazon

Guarantee: 1 year

Dimensions: 1.5 by 5.4 by 3 inches and 11.4 ounces

Rating: 6/10

Product Description:

This Sound Oases product has an intermediate quality sound because of the size which is quite good. It has a built in alarm clock with 18 built in sounds and when you come close to the end of a sound, the volume will gradually decrease. This white noise machine can be powered by 4 “AA” batteries (which is not included) or by a global AC adapter.

What you need to know.


  • It is small enough to fit into your briefcase or even your pocket
  • Is great for camping, backpacking or even just next to your bed.
  • Built in alarm clock
  • It also has a timer with a 30 min, 60 min, 90 min and a continuous position
  • You can record your own voice and even use the recording as your alarm.


  • Because of the size of the speakers, the quality of the sounds are not that exceptionally great.
  • It is a bit expensive for such a small item, so I would only recommend it to someone who really loves traveling and cannot sleep without a white noise machine.
  • The limited volume can have a bit of a problem when your hearing is not that good as it used to be.


Though there are many mixed feelings and only a 61% customer satisfaction I am giving this product a rating of 6/10. For some people this product is like a golden egg and for other it is not that great.

The final factor that comes into place is weather you want to use this product for what it is intended for. If you like travel, then I would maybe recommend it, but if you want to use it at home you might want to reconsider before buying this item.

I do reviews on products, so if you want me to do a review on a specific product, please feel free to leave a comment below. If you want to purchase this product you can go straight to Amazon or if  want to see a broader range of products you can visit my best white noise machine reviews page on top.

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Jared November 12, 2014

Why do you personally feel like it is a 6/10? I know you said that it works for some people and not others is that why you rate it a 6 or what is your experience with it?

I don’t travel…very much. Do you have a recommendation for a unit that isn’t made for travel?

    Viljoen November 13, 2014

    Hi Jared

    There is a lot of factors that comes in play when I give my ratings. I take the quality, price, looks, warranty, comparison against other product and also reviews from current owners of this product. I try to use a lot of data when I give my rating. a Good white noise machine that I recommend is the Ecotones asm1002.

Norm November 12, 2014

Interesting. Not likely that I’ll buy something like this when I can crack open my window in the spring, summer, and autumn and listen to the birds.

    Viljoen November 13, 2014

    Hi Norm

    There is nothing like the sound of nature when you want to loosen up a bit.

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