What Is The Best Place To Buy Mattress Online For Beginners?

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Dec 13

The internet is a huge place and there are thousands of websites and millions of products that are being sold online. Some websites specialize in certain niches and some don’t. It can be very frustrating when you want to buy anything online especially if it is your first time. I will never forget the day when I held my credit card in my hand to type my banking details on the checkout page of a certain website. So let me come back to the question on what is the best place to buy mattress online for beginners and this guide will show you how 🙂

What to look for in an online mattress store

  • Is that site legit? How do you know if a website is safe and won’t steal your bank account dry? If you get on the sales or check out page there must be a “s” after the “http” inside the web address code. I will look like this https://websitename.com and the “s” stands for secure. Most of them will even have a small picture of a lock to the left of the address code. This means that the website is trusted and safe to buy from.

Secure Code

  • The second thing is price $$$. An online store will be much cheaper than a physical store and can even give you 50% discount on certain items. The advantage that an online store has is that they do not need to rent a physical store to promote their product. They also do not need all the staff to keep the place clean and do all the selling. All they need to buy is a domain name which will cost around $10 per year and $5 to $20 per month for hosting and that’s it. Heck I even know of a place that can give you 2 free websites to start with, so I think you get the picture. Some places might be cheaper than others.
  • Customer service is the third important aspect. If you land on a website to buy a mattress, where do you start? Will there be someone to guide you through the process? Some websites have mattress specialists that will help you to make the right choice and other not and there are a lot of things to know about mattresses before even touching your wallet.
  • Website navigation and information about the product. A website needs to be easy to navigate through and the information must be thorough enough so you can make the best choice.
  • Shipment fees and cost. Some companies can charge you a shipment fee if you are situated outside of their country. With some you might get it for free if the price of the purchased item is above a certain threshold. Some companies won’t even charge you 🙂
  • Location Location Location. Some online companies are area sensitive and if you fall outside of that are, you might have a hard time to get your mattress.

Some examples of an online store

online store


Amazon is very cheap and is also a worldwide company and a trusted source. If your order is $35 or more, your delivery is for free. They have millions of products to choose from and the only problem that I had with them, was that there were no customer service. If you sell so many different products, then this might become a problem. Amazon is not specialized in a specific market to do this. If yo want to go to Amazon directly, you can click here


This company is very specialized and I have worked with them a lot. They are also very cheap and is very trusted. Their customer service is excellent and they have mattress specialists to guide you through your purchasing process. Their delivery is also for free, but the only problem with them is that they only deliver mattresses in the USA.

The only way to get around this is to pay for your own delivery via courier. If the sum of the cost of the mattress and courier are cheaper than the price of a mattress that you want to buy locally, then it might still be the best option. If you want to visit US-Mattress you can click here

What is the biggest problem when you want to buy a mattress online? 

For most people especially me, this might be a deal breaker. If it comes to mattresses, you need to be 100% sure of your purchase because they canquestion
be expensive and can totally ruin your chances for a good night’s sleep. I think most of you will agree to this when I say that I still want to be able to touch the mattress and lie on it before I can even think of purchasing it. Everyone wants to test their mattress before buying it.

So is there a way to get around this problem? My answer is YES and let me tell you why. Firstly you can go to a local store and test out some of the mattresses. Lie on them, touch them and even jump on them if you want to, but if the managers chase you away don’t say that I encouraged you :).

If you have a mattress to your liking that you want, you then should get the the name of the brand and the comfort type with the name of the mattress as some brands have a name for each of their mattress such as Comforpedic or Beautyrest Black. If you have this information, you can go to an online store. PROBLEM SOLVED.

So what should you do now? 

If you have a mattress in mind, you can go and check out one of the websites that I mentioned above or if you are still a bit unsure on what you want and are in the beginning phase of your purchasing process then you might want to look at my Simmons Beautyrest Mattresses, Types, Reviews And a Lot More page to get an idea of what type of mattresses there are.

If you found the information on this page helpful, you can bookmark it, like it, share it or even leave me comment below as I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to let me know if you get stuck and have a nice day.

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(9) comments

George Chalmers September 5, 2015

Absolutely do NOT buy online nor the store from Famous Tate. Horrific experience with
mattress, microwave, stove, and refrigerator.

Paul Ward December 13, 2014

This site is brilliant. It’s something I would never have thought of. A real NICHE – I’m sure you’ll do really well from this

    Viljoen December 14, 2014

    Hi Paul

    Thanks for the compliment. I am treating this more like a hobby and I really love doing this. Thanks for the comment 🙂

Mylife December 13, 2014

Hi Valie, I think you a wonderful review but I would have had a detailed section on memory foam mattresses.

    Viljoen December 13, 2014

    Hi Mylife

    Thanks for your comment. I already did a post on memory foam mattresses. It is called the Simmons Comforpedic. 🙂

Bo the Webguy December 13, 2014

You have a lot of information here. What brand of mattress do you prefer?

    Viljoen December 13, 2014

    Hi Bo

    I am a big fan of Simmons but Serta and Sealy is also good.

Jolie December 13, 2014

Interesting Viljoen, I must admit that I’ve never considered buying a mattress from online.

What is the advantage of doing this over purchasing one in-store? I imagine that there could be some cost savings if you purchase online. The part that might kill it though is the shipping fees!

    Viljoen December 13, 2014

    Hi Jolie.

    The advantage of an in-store purchase is that you can test it out before buying it, but then you will pay a lot. what works well is that you can visit an physical store, test the mattress and then search for that specific mattress online and THEN purchase it. You have then tested it and bought it for cheap.

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