What Is The Best White Noise Machine For Sleep-My 3 Best Choices

By Viljoen | White Noise Machines

Oct 29

Sleep is a very essential part of our livelihood and without it you won’t make it that far. Because of this, my inspiration for this website was born. There are many factors that can influence the quality of sleep and one of them is noise. Luckily someone was smart enough to think of a white noise machine and for that I am very grateful. So let’s get back to the question: ” What is the best white noise machine for sleep???”

There are so many factors that comes into play when trying to answer this question.

  • How much are you willing to pay for good quality sound?
  • How many sounds do you want?
  • Do you want to use it for traveling or for home use?
  • How hard is the sound that you want to mask out?

There are so many choices and different products that it is hard to make a choice on what to buy.

There are many products that have a little bit of everything and some of them have it all except for the price of course. one of the best products thatI can talk about is the Sound Oasis S 5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System Black. This machine is a bit expensive, but it has 3 speakers and a subwoofer for a very good quality sound. So far this product also has the most sounds that I can think off.

Rating: 8/10


The second candidate is the Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine Model ASM1002. It also has a good quality sound, but not as good as the Sound Oasis and the amount of sounds is very limited. What I really liked about this product is the sound adaptation technology which changes as the external sounds change. It is also cheaper than the Sound Oasis.

Rating: 8.8/10


If you are someone for traveling and you want to take your machine with you, then this one can be a good choice. The Sound Oasis Travel Sound Therapy System is a small machine that can fit into a briefcase. The sound quality is not as good as the previous 2, because the speakers must be small enough. The amount of noises are also limited. It can also live on batteries that makes it excellent for camping.

Rating: 6/10

So what can you do now??

After reading this you might have made your choice, but if you still are uncertain, let me make it a bit easier for you. If you have the money and you really want good quality you can go for the  Sound Oasis S 5000 Deluxe Sleep Sound Therapy System Black.

If you want a partner to travel with you, you can go for the The Sound Oasis Travel Sound Therapy System.

The first choice for a product that I personally would buy is the Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine Model ASM1002 . This is a very good product and is not that expensive for the sound adaptive technology that it has.

Now if you desire to see more white noise machines, you can go to my best white noise machine reviews . Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions:)

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Milana Cane April 27, 2016

This place is really great. I didn’t know somewhere to have a good view of white noise machine as well as where to buy but now I found it. Thanks for sharing great information. I really appreciate your hard work.

Kerrie November 3, 2014

Hi there
I did not know about white noise machines.
I want to know a lot more before I buy so am off to read a couple of your articles.
Great job!


    Viljoen November 3, 2014

    You are very welcome Kerrie. You are very welcome to read more articles. Its a good idea to do enough research before you buy. 🙂

Garrett October 30, 2014

Hello there! Garrett from WA! I seriously just picked your website because you posted just before I did. But much to my surprise, you’re writing about sleep too! It’s a small world. anywho, my mom uses a white noise machine, though i’m not sure which. I’ll have to find out now. i’m curious. i’ve used it before too, and really liked it. keep up the good work 🙂

    Viljoen October 30, 2014

    Thanks allot Garret. There are so many people out there that are uninformed about insomnia. I am happy to see that you are also contributing to this world wide problem.

Ray October 30, 2014

If you’re losing sleep because you’re being disturbed by external noise, I guess one of these devices can be useful. But if you’re struggling to fall asleep for whatever reason another sound technology would probably help better. Recordings of binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones can help you enter a deeply relaxed state that is associated with sleep.

    Viljoen October 30, 2014

    Hi Ray. Binaural beats is something that I will look into and try. Its just a good thing to warn people who have epilepsy or who listens to it while driving as it can be dangerous.

Lucy October 30, 2014

This website has a lot a great information. I suffer from Tinnitus and was wondering if these machines might be helpful for that as well. Love this website!

    Viljoen October 30, 2014

    Hi Lucy. If you are experiencing a buzzing noise in your ear while you want to sleep, then a white noise machine might help. What I think you should do is to wear earphones that are connected to a white noise machine so that it can cancel the buzzing noise in your ear.

Jim October 29, 2014

Viljoen: I am impressed. I never know that white noise makers were even around. I personally am a sound sleeper – even during the lighting and thunder. Your site shows the hard work that you have put in. 5 star for you.

I have just added a product review to my web site this afternoon. ” Acne Scar Cream Review.” Would love to hear what you think. The site still has a lot of work to be on it yet.

Thanks — Viljoen – you can be proud of your accomplishments.


    Viljoen October 30, 2014

    Thanks allot Jim. I really appreciate it. I have put in allot of work into this site. I really hope people can benefit from it. I will certainly check out your site

Angela October 29, 2014

Great information! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as white noise machines.

    Viljoen October 30, 2014

    Hi Angela. I also did not know that they existed until I got Insomnia. This machines really help if you have a barking dog problem.

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