What’s The Best Memory Foam Pillow For Side Sleepers?

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Dec 16

What is the ideal pillow?

Why should you worry about a good quality pillow when you are in search mode? It does not really matter if you have the best mattress, but your pillow keeping you awake at night. There are so many people that are living with secondary insomnia because their sleeping environment aka mattress and pillow are not suited for them. So let us come down to the question. What’s the best memory foam pillow for side sleepers?

You need to know what type of sleeper you are, before buying a pillow!

This tells me that you already know what type of sleeper you are and this is going to make it easier for you. If your primary position is to sleep is good neck positionon your side, then a firmer type of pillow will do. So why do I say this?

To have a comfortable position on your bed, your spine needs to be in a horizontal aligned position and the same can be said for your neck. The wrong pillow can certainly give you neck problems. If you are a side sleeper and you have a very soft pillow, then your head will sink in too deep into the pillow, which will give you a sore neck.

Other things to look for in memory foam pillows

  • Memory foam is a great choice when looking to buy a pillow. It is soft and contours very well to the shape of your head and neck. Memory foam also tends to last longer than normal sponge pillows.
  • Temperature regulation. This is a very important trait that is often overlooked. There is nothing I hate more than a wet pillow full of sweat especially in the summer.
  • Durability. This trait is also very important because after a while your pillow will get flat and to buy one every month or two can be very frustrating and expensive.
  • Allergy proof. If you are allergic to dust mites, then you will have a sniffing nose instead of a good night’s sleep. You need a pillow that is dust mite proof.

 Memory foam pillow reviews

Side sleepers

The best memory foam pillows for side sleepers. Theses pillows are firm with some of the best characteristics for a good night’s sleep.

Pillow: Tempur-Pedic Side Pillow tempurpedic side pillow

Supplier: US-Mattress (USA Only)

Price: $129

Warranty: 3 years

Dust mite proof: Yes

Temperature regulation: OK

Short Description: This pillow is recommended by doctors and has an ergonomic shape to support your neck and head. It is also great for side sleepers.

==>Click here for more information<==


Pillow: Beautyrest TruEnergy Firm Memory Foam Pillowsimmons beautyrest firm pillow

Supplier: US-Mattress (USA Only)

Price: $119

Warranty: 3 years

Dust mite proof: You need to wash the cover regularly to get rid of dust mites

Temperature regulation: Yes, It has Aircool memory foam which is an open cell memory foam that helps to get rid of heat.

Short Description: This pillow is firm enough for side sleepers and air cool memory foam is actually better than normal memory foam.

==> Click here for more information <==


As you can see, there is no magical pillow that will be the best. The best way to get the best pillow is to match a specific TYPE of sleeper to a specific TYPE of pillow. In this case it will be a firm pillow for a side sleeper. If you found this information helpful you can bookmark it, like it, share it and even comment below as I would love to hear from you 🙂

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Justin September 1, 2015

I like the honesty and oddball details in your review, haha. I’m kinda strange with my pillows – I’ve had my current one about 4 years now because I’ve never found another that matches it’s particular feel.
I highly dislike memory foam pillows because I like a different level of firmness every night. This causes me to bunch my pillow sometimes so all the filling is towards the middle and feels firmer, or fluff it and let the filling spread out with the weight of my head to feel softer. Generally, I don’t mind if the filling feels lumpy as long as they aren’t the hard lumps like you get after washing and drying most pillows a few times (which I haven’t done with this one since I use a zipped dust case plus pillow case)
So, that being said, how would you describe the lumps? Can’t say I’ve ever felt lumpy flour… but I’d assume it’s softer than the traditional cheap and crappy lumpy pillow, right? And does it seem to smooth out at all with the weight of your head or does it remain lumpy? Do you think after using it for a while it might be good for someone who likes forming their pillow a little differently every night?

Justin August 31, 2015

This is amazing, now I learn more about the pillow and how to use it to decorate my home. Thank you for sharing experience!

Darren Martin December 21, 2014

Great site with awesome information on how to gain your sleep back. will give this site to some friends that have the same problem. Thanks.

    Viljoen January 5, 2015

    My pleasure Darren.

Srijan Bhardwaj December 16, 2014

Thorough reviews. You have covered all the parameters one needs to know before making the purchase. All the relevant and important information has been covered. It is a terrific post!

Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work. Cheers! 😀

    Viljoen December 16, 2014

    Thanks For the compliment Srijan.

    It is a lot of work I must say, but I really enjoy this. It is fun to help people to make their shopping a good experience and to avoid bad choices.

seth December 16, 2014

This is a great post. Good quality of mattresses and pillows are really important . After I had long hours at work, I just wish to get a good night’s sleep and it cannot occur without all these good qualities in my bed room.

    Viljoen December 16, 2014

    Thanks Seth.

    A good mattress and pillow form a great deal of sleep hygiene. We must never dismiss opportunities to create a better sleep environment.

Peter December 16, 2014

Lots of really helpful information here, Viljoen. Are you an Amazon Affiliate? Do you have an affiliate membership with U.S. Mattress ? Just interested.

    Viljoen December 16, 2014

    Hi Peter. I am affiliated with both btw. With US-mattress it is a bit harder, because they do not approve so easily. There are other networks, US-mattress is the best when it comes to price and customer service

Elle December 16, 2014

Thanks for the recommendation ! I gave my Tempur-pedic to my mom when she had problem sleeping. Now I think I should get another one for myself ! Its really a great pillow!

    Viljoen December 16, 2014

    Hi Elle

    To wake up each morning with a sore neck is not worth it. I have a normal sponge pillow that I want give away and get me a memory foam one. Luckily they are not that expensive.

Amanda December 16, 2014

Great post, you put a lot of useful information into it. Good job

    Viljoen December 16, 2014

    Thanks a lot Amanda. Memory foam pillows are my favourite. I am a side sleeper, so the firm type is best for me.

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